Innovation Potentials at the Click of a Button

pivoty is an AI-based analytics software that discovers innovation potentials for your company.


We Combine Innovation Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Our software identifies innovation opportunities by analyzing unbiased customer insights from the Internet using Natural Language Processing. pivoty draws on a variety of online sources like social networks, forums, blogs, and product reviews to systematically derive inspirations for new products and services.

Unexploited Customer Insights

Utilize unexploited customer insights and get access to a large database of unmet customer needs and wishes.

AI-Powered Algorithms

AI-powered text-analysis algorithms analyze and structure large amounts of data to derive innovation potentials.


Unlike time-consuming customer interviews and costly market studies, pivoty quickly collects unbiased customer experiences from various Internet sources.

Simplified Data-driven Disruptive Open Innovation

Discover innovation potentials up to 25x faster than usual

1-Click Analysis

Understanding new Topics & Customer Needs

Large Database of Unbiased Customer Insights


Customer-centricity as a Competitive Advantage in Innovation

Focus on Your Customers

Customer-centric Innovation means sticking closely to your customers, constantly monitoring their needs and looking for ways to create a unique experience for them.

Recognize Opportunities for Growth

Customer-centricity increases the market success of innovations, reduces the development time and costs, and helps you to identify unfulfilled customer needs.

Explore New Opportunities

Our services can be applied individually to your situation. Discover new markets and business areas or take full advantage of new trends.

Explore trends and topics

explore target groups

Explore Unknown Markets


Our Team

Dr. Thomas Schäper

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Jan Lauterjung

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Johannes Schulze Everding

Co-Founder, Managing Director IT

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Stephan Nüesch

Business Management Group, University of Münster

Prof. Dr. J. Nils Foege

Innovation Management Group, Leibniz University Hannover

Dr. Gerrit Reher

Partner, Big Four Accounting Firm

Dr. Sebastian Schäfer

Lead Digital Transformation, WEPA

Always One step Ahead

Scientific Background

We draw on current scientific research to provide you with the best methods and practices for your innovation management

Industry Experience

Our team combines several years of operational excellence and expertise in innovation management

Research Institutes

We work closely together with renowned universities across Europe and the USA to include the latest findings in our services

Innovation Network

Our large network of experts from customer-centricity and innovation management helps us to continuously refine our solution


Das Projekt pivoty wird aus Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) der Europäischen Union gefördert (01/22 bis 12/22). 
Ziel des Projekts ist die Entwicklung einer Software zur automatisierten Erfassung von Kundenbedürfnissen und dem Aufdecken von Lösungsansätzen für Kundenprobleme. Die Software basiert auf einer künstlichen Intelligenz und hilft dem Anwender bei der Identifizierung von Innovationspotenzialen für Produkte und Dienstleistungen.

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